lunes, 31 de diciembre de 2012

We play

So we play.
We stop.
We rearrange our lives in the better ways we can.

We take pieces of our past as long as they are useful to build our future.
And we play.
We go fast-forward.
We burn.

We dig into the future, speculating over possibilities, matching dreams, matching anxiety, matching how to recover ourselves to match again what we were made for, and live the lives we wanted to live.
We check our checklists.
We check, check, check, check.

And we stop.
And we strive to reach those goals until we notice there is no goal at all. It's all the meanwhile.
Everything that happens is the meanwhile.

And so on, we play.
And we try to keep our focus in the road, in every-step-we-take; as long as there is no goal, it's all the meanwhile.

And then, we learn.
We learn to enjoy the meanwhile, because it's what it is. Because there is nothing real besides the meanwhile.

And finally, we play.

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